Teaching and learning in higher education

At the Faculty of Medicine there are opportunities for continuing education as a complement to university education, workshops and seminars offered via The Centre for Educational Development, UPL.

Teacher's Day takes place once a year and has a unifying theme. Do you have a theme or content suggestion? Contact education leader Faculty director of studies.

MediPed is the faculty's seminar series on medical pedagogy/nursing pedagogy with the aim of improving the quality of our teaching and our courses. The seminars take place in Zoom, between 12-1pm.

Forskningstugg is a journal club about current research and methods in medical education. in collaboration with Örebro University and Malmö University. This JC takes place in Zoom, between 12-1pm.

Workshops are arranged as needed by the business.

Contact persons

Henna Harinen
786 67 67

Anna Fahlgren
Faculty Director of Studies
786 96 87

Johan Edqvist
786 90 60

Lena Åminne