Vision and basic values

The Vision for Umeå University and the Umeå University common basic values form the basis for how students and employees should treat each other and society, and what future we want for ourselves.

Vision for Umeå University

The vision charts our way forward, describes where Umeå University aspires to be in the future, and is anchored in three guiding principles:

  • Responsibility for the future
  • Collaborative development of knowledge
  • Competitive edge and pride

The overall principles describe the responsibility that Umeå University assumes for meeting societal challenges, our plan to further the development of research and education, and how we will position ourselves in the world and increase our ability to attract students, members of faculty and staff, collaborative partners and funding.

The vision is primarily designed for university faculty, staff and students, and should be the basis for all organisational planning. It will remain valid as long as it is considered meaningful and provides an effective guide for the choices, priorities and decisions made at all organisational levels. Within the vision, the chosen path can differ for the different parts of the organisation depending on each part's requirements and needs.

The Vision was established by the University Board on 3 April 2019 and replaces Vision 2020.

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Basic values at Umeå University

The state sector's common basic values form the basis for the basic values at Umeå University. It collects norms and values that should characterise the everyday work at public authorities. The aim of such basic values is to create a common approach in how to treat one another. The basic values project that has been ongoing between 2017–2019 has, for instance, resulted in a book and four films of everyday dilemmas based on examples from employees at the entire University. The material can be used as working material for discussions at departments and offices and is available in both English and Swedish.

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Anna Lawrence