University Hospital Board

In 2015, the Partnership Board was renamed the University Hospital Board in conjunction with a new ALF agreement.

Umeå University Representatives

Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor (Vice-Chair)
Katrine Riklund
Marie Bixo
Patrik Danielson

Västerbotten County Council Representatives

Kent Ehliasson, (Chair in 2020)
Brita Winsa
Anna-Maria Stenlund
Clas Ahlm

Västernorrland County Council Representatives

Hans Wiklund
Jonas Appelberg (substitute)

Norrbotten County Council Representatives

Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson, Region Norrbotten
Pia Näsvall, Region Norrbotten (substitute)

Jämtland Härjedalen County Council Representatives

Göran S Larsson (substitute)

Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union Representatives

Modar Alhamdan

Tine Riklund


Ann-Christin Edlund

Regional Partnership Agreement

A Regional Partnership Agreement was formed between Umeå University and the Västerbotten County Council on May 17, 2016. The agreement defines cooperation in areas of medicine, dentistry and health.

Meeting times

27 October

Time: 15.00-17.00

Meeting documents are uploaded to Cambro about one week prior to respective meeting.

Daniel Harju