University Hospital Board

In 2015, the Partnership Board was renamed the University Hospital Board in conjunction with a new ALF agreement.

Umeå University Representatives

Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor (Vice-Chair)
Katrine Riklund
Kristina Lejon
Patrik Danielson

Västerbotten County Council Representatives

Tommy Svensson (Vice-Chair)
Brita Winsa
Anna-Maria Stenlund
Göran Larsson

Västernorrland County Council Representatives

Åsa Bellander

Norrbotten County Council Representatives

Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson
Pia Näsvall (substitute)

Jämtland Härjedalen County Council Representatives

Bodil Landstad (substitute)

Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union Representatives

Nemrut Karatas

Sandra Lehtonen


Ann-Christin Edlund

Regional Partnership Agreement

A Regional Partnership Agreement was formed between Umeå University and the Västerbotten County Council on May 17, 2016. The agreement defines cooperation in areas of medicine, dentistry and health.

Meeting times


1 March
24 May
25 October
13 December

Time: 15.00-17.00

Meeting documents are uploaded to Cambro about one week prior to respective meeting.

Lena Åminne