Partnerships for ALF, TUA and VårdSam

The regional partnership agreement between the Västerbotten County Council and Umeå University for implementation of ALF and TUA has been in place since December 2008.


ALF (agreement about medical education and research and more) agreement regulates government subsidies for additional costs associated with medical education programmes.

According to the regional agreement, the ALF partnership covers three areas:
• Basic education for medical doctors
• Medical research
• Healthcare development

TUA (the dentistry education agreement) is the dentistry program equivalent to ALF.

University Hospital Board

The ALF and TUA partnership agreements are handled through the joint University Hospital Board, which meets four times per year. There are three working committees:
• ALF Committee
• TUA Committee
• VårdSam Committee (focusing on partnerships around education programmes previously hosted by the Västerbotten County Council)

Lena Åminne