Other reasons for termination of employment

Besides handing in your own notice or your employer terminating your employment, there may be other reasons for termination of employment.

You reach the end of your fixed-term employment

Before the end of fixed-term employment, you should receive written notification from Umeå University at least one month before your last day of employment.

If you have had one or more fixed-term employments covering a total of three years over the last four years, you may be covered to a degree by the Job Security Agreement. Find out more about the Job Security Agreement on the website of the Job Security Foundation:

You reach retirement age

Retirement age is flexible. You can choose to stop working at any time between the ages of 61 and 67, but the month in which you reach your 67th birthday is the latest you can continue working. Find out more about pensions under the heading "Pension"

You receive full sickness benefit

If your ability to work has been entirely compromised and you receive full sickness benefit from the Social Insurance Agency, your employment will be terminated. In this instance, talk to a pension administrator at payroll administration and apply for a disability pension from the National Government Employee Pensions Board. At the same time, you have to sign an application for termination of employment. For more information, please consult your pension administrator and the Social Insurance Agency's website.

In the event of death

Close relatives of the deceased can contact payroll administration at the university for more information on insurance issues and other considerations. More information can also be found under Group life insurance. For more information, support and assistance with the grieving process, please see the links below to any of crisis websites.

Birgitta Berglund