This page contains information about internationalisation, both in education and research, aimed at teachers and staff working at the Faculty of Medicine.

Higher education at the  Faculty of Medicine is characterized by local and global cultural exchange, and aims to enhance all students' and teachers' professionalism, competitiveness, and knowledge of diversity.

Educational initiatives include sustainable activities of cross-cultural exchange, either by mobility or by global interactive communication and networking.


A Canvas course for outgoing exchange students in medical education has been developed by the faculty, together with the Network for Internationalisation in Medical Education in Sweden (NIMUS). Members of the network include all medical faculties in Sweden and the network aims to promote internationalisation in the field.

After completing the course, students gain valuable knowledge for their upcoming exchanges in both cultural competence and practical preparation, and a certificate of completion can be printed.

The Strategic Board for Education (UN) strongly recommends that all outgoing students at the faculty take the course before the start of their exchange studies. All staff and students can access the course through the link below.

Travel grant

Students at the Faculty may apply for travel grants for exchange studies. The grant can be used to partially cover costs associated with the exchange, such as travel, vaccination, and visa applications. Applications for grants are made to the respective programme council, which are encouraged to budget for this expense.

This travel grant is intended for students who do not have the opportunity to apply for scholarships offered within other mobility programs, such as Nordplus, Erasmus+ or North2North.

Travel grants for exchange studies: Guidelines for program councils (in Swedish)

Student OUT - insurance

Students who go on exchange studies or internships abroad as part of their education at Umeå University are covered by Kammarkollegiet's insurance Student OUT. For the insurance to apply, there need to be an agreement in place between the sending and the receiving part.

If there is no existing exchange agreement in place, e.g. for internships or clinical placements abroad, an ad hoc agreement needs to be established. A template has been developed to facilitate this, and it can be signed digitally by both parties.

Contact the international contact person at your institution or programme council for more information and to access the insurance certificate.

Student OUT
Template: Cooperation Agreement


At Umeå University, there are several exchange programs that offer scholarships to students traveling through their agreements. These are managed by the International Office or the departments (Nordplus).

The International Office also has links to external scholarships (in Swedish) for which students can apply on their own.

IFMSA Sweden is an independent organization that offers exchange studies and scholarships.

There are numerous external scholarships, and it is difficult to compile a list stays relevant over time. It is therefore recommended to refer students to search for scholarships themselves.

Faculty councils/groups for internationalisation

The Council for Internationalisation of Education, RIU

On behalf of the Strategic Board for Education (UN), RIU works to increase internationalisation in educational programmes on undergraduate and graduate level within the Faculty.

The council advises both UN and the programme councils on matters relating to internationalisation, and continuously works to develop concrete proposals for measures to help the Faculty achieve its goals.

The council consists of representatives from all programme councils at the Faculty of Medicine and from the Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student union.
More about RIU

The Faculty's internationalisation group, MIG

MIG consists of members responsible for internationalisation in the Faculty Board (FN), the Strategic Board for Research (FON), the Strategic Board for Education (UN), and the Council for Doctoral Education (RUF), as well as a representative from RIU.

The group collaborates to raise the perspective of internationalisation within their respective boards/councils and to ensure that internationalisation is included in the Faculty's strategic work.
More about MIG

Mission Statement for Internationalisation

Mission Statement for Internationalisation at the Faculty of Medicine

Swedish for Academics

Umeå university offers courses in Swedish for international staff.

Swedish courses - Swedish for Academics

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