Safety and security in research

When planning your research project, you need to consider various safety and security aspects. For instance, information security and work environment safety.

Information security

It is important to collect, process and store research data in a secure way. To support you in that process, you can classify your information. This forms basis for a risk assessment.

Information security

Laboratory safety

Depending on what research you are conducting, you may also need to consider laws, regulations and guidelines concerning laboratory safety, for instance. If you are planning on conducting research using genetically modified microorganisms, you need to report this to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Laboratory work

Security work at Umeå University

All staff at Umeå University must work actively to increase safety and security. This is done by following the rules and regulations that apply, but also by reporting faults and misconduct to the appropriate instance.

Safety and security at Umeå University

Frida Fjellström