You resign

Resigning is the most common reason for termination of employment at Umeå University.

If you choose to resign you have to complete the resignation form via PASS and enter the date of your last day of employment. The form will be sent to your manager who shall approve your notice.

You will receive your manager's decision by email from PASS. If your last day of employment is earlier than the contractual notice your manager will contact you if she/he does not approve of your notice.

A professors' resignation

If you are a professor resigning you must use the form for resignation, Uppsägning PA01 (in Swedish). The reason for this is that the Vice-Chancellor handles resignations from professors.

Notice periods

The following notice periods are applicable when you resign:

Employment period     

Notice period   

max. 1 year

1 month

more than 1 year

2 months

Your employment period is the time you have held one or more consecutive state employment positions. You may be allowed to leave your employment before the end of your notice period if this is agreed between you and your manager.


Employees who are employed with power of attorney, warrant of appointment or the designation r in their employment are excepted: they have a notice period of six months. For more information on this, contact your payroll specialist.

Contact payroll specialists

You can contact a payroll specialist when you have a question about salary payment-related matters.

Who is my payroll specialist? (in Swedish)

Contact details of all payroll specialists

Birgitta Berglund