Commissioned education

Employers seeking to enhance their operations with new knowledge or organisations wishing to provide opportunities for skill development to job seekers can do so by purchasing commissioned education from us at Umeå University.

The picture shows a male person giving a lecture to adults.

Commissioned education is training that our university organises upon request from legal entities, such as companies, authorities, or organisations. This may involve shorter skill-enhancing courses or seminars, as well as more extensive educational programmes. The primary responsibility for providing this education rests with you – the departments at Umeå University. If necessary, you can also incorporate complementary expertise.

Engaging in mission-based activities is another means of disseminating knowledge, ensuring the effective use of expertise available at Umeå University, and contributing to lifelong learning. Additionally, it provides insights into the current needs of various operations, which, in turn, can contribute to the development of our education and research. Commissioned education, like other forms of education, should be based on a scientific foundation and maintain the same high quality.

You can independently publish your offers for commissioned education on the page Kompetensutveckla genom uppdragsutbildning at ("Develop your competence through commissioned education"). Please use the Forms template below, instead of the registration form that can be created in Episerver.

Template for registration form

To ensure the secure handling of personal data, we have, in collaboration with ITS, developed a template for registration forms via Forms. By duplicating the template, you will have a ready-made form that you can customise with the title of your respective education and, if desired, a special thank-you message.

Once you are satisfied with the registration form, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Share" button located in the top right corner.
  • Copy the top link under the heading "Send and collect responses." This link allows individuals to respond to the form's questions without having the ability to (accidentally) alter its content.

Proceed to your commissioned education page on "Kompetensutveckla genom uppdragsutbildning" at

  • Add a subheading titled "Registration" (if one does not already exist).
  • Briefly describe what applies to those interested, such as the deadline for registration.
  • Paste the link to the form, preferably under a link title like "Go to registration" or "Register yourself or your employees here."

Template for registration form (in Swedish)

How does commissioned education differ from "regular" higher education?

What sets commissioned education apart from regular higher education includes:

  • Financing,
  • Participant selection,
  • Participants' obligations and rights towards the university.

Commissioned education is training arranged for a fee from a legal entity, which can be both public and private. It is always based on an agreement between the university and the contracting party.

Participants and conditions:
As the contracting party pays for the education, they determine who will participate. The participants do not need to meet the admission requirements outlined in the Higher Education Ordinance.

The participants are not conventional students at Umeå University. Therefore, they are not subject to the rules of the Higher Education Act regarding disciplinary measures, the law on equal treatment of students in higher education, the mandatory personal injury insurance, or the right to an email account at Umeå University.

Commissioned education is not the same as regular higher education. It may or may not grant credits, and participants are presented with certificates of completion. In certain instances, individuals without prior eligibility for higher education may regard the education as meeting basic eligibility requirements.

Rules for commissioned education

You can read more about the rules governing commissioned education in the document "Handläggningsordning för uppdragsutbildning" (Administrative procedure for commissioned education), at the moment only available in Swedish. This includes the university's policy, handling procedures, as well as responsibilities for faculties and departments.

Cost estimation

When the University calculates costs for commissioned education, all expenses must be considered, including:

  • Salary and fees for course leaders and administrative staff,
  • Facilities and catering,
  • Travel expenses,
  • Technical support,
  • Marketing,
  • Course materials and consumables,
  • Administrative surcharges.

There is a ready-made cost calculation template for mission-based education, indicating the items to be included (in Swedish).

Need advice or support?

The Research Support and Collaboration Office can help you in matters relating to commissioned education at Umeå University.

Please contact Ewa Lantz,
Coordinator for commissioned education issues

Lena Holmberg