Backing up your files with the “My Backup” (Code42 Crashplan) service

The “My Backup” (Code42 Crashplan) service is for employees at departments and units who want to back up important files they have on their computer. The service should not be used to store information that requires special protection or contains sensitive personal data.

How to get started with the service

  • First, you must order a personal user. You do this by sending a ticket to the Service Desk specifying the person and email address the order regards.
  • Once the order has been approved, it is time to install the service. Information on how to install "My Backup" can be found here:
  • If you need help with manual installation of the software, please contact the Service Desk.
  • The last step of installation is to log in. More information on how to do this can be found in the above manuals for MacOS and Windows.

Keep the following in mind

  • Regularly check that the service is working. You choose which documents and folders to back up. The default setting is the "Documents" folder, but do not forget to back up your computer's Desktop as well. You can check that the backup is working by following the instructions in this guide: Checking your backup from the "My Backup" (Code42 Crashplan) service – Manual (
  • There are also other ways to store documents securely. See Services for storing files and managing documents (

Terminating the service

The service is terminated by sending a ticket to the Service Desk specifying the person and email address to be terminated.



Contact Servicedesk when you need assistance such as technical support or to request access to a system.

Servicedesk contact form
Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

System reports – Driftinformation (Swedish only)

Provides information on system disruptions and planned updates.

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