If something happens

In the event of an emergency or imminent danger

Call 112 and state:

• Umeå University
• Which building you are in
• The address, for example Universitetstorget 16

Meet the first responders when they arrive.

First aid and defibrillator

Non-emergency incidents

Police 114 14
Medical advice 1177

University security number +46 90-786 76 00
Call the security number if you need a security guard, if you see unauthorised people in the premises or if you feel uncomfortable walking out to the car park.

University Hospital of Umeå security number +46 90-785 00 00

I wish to report

Theft, sabotage and burglary

If you have been exposed to theft or detect sabotage or burglary, please file a report to the Police. There are also some other things to consider.

Occupational injury and incident

If you are injured at work or experience that an event is risky it is important that you notify your manager. There are also some other things to consider.

Hate crime, threat and violence

If you have been a victim of hate, threat or violence, you can get support.

Psychological harassment, sexual harassment or bullying

If things occur at work that make you feel unsafe or are treated badly, it is important that you get the help you need.

IT security incidents

If you suspect that you have been hacked or lost your computer or phone, you need to report this. By reporting, the extent of the damage can be limited.

Personal data breach

If you suspect that personal data has been destroyed or altered, been lost or fallen into the wrong hands, you need to report this to abuse@umu.se

Research misconduct

If you suspect that fabrication, falsification or plagiarism of research results occur, you should report it. The same goes for other deviations from good research practice.

Whistleblower functionality

As a member of staff, you have the right to expose information or bring allegations of suspected irregularities to light.

Anja Axelsson